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You want to create or update your bathroom? Trust us with the realization of your project.  

There is no place more intimate and comfortable than your bathroom. A little cocoon of well-being which should welcome you in a universe dedicated to pleasure and relaxation. Thanks to our 3D design software, see your new bathroom even before work begins! Our company is certified "Master of the bath" a guarantee of quality which ensures a know-how enriched by the latest proven innovations, regular training acquired directly from the manufacturers and certifications bringing you the assurance of a work carried out in the rules of art. Whether you want to create a new bathroom or replace your old bathtub with a beautiful walk-in shower, we suggest that you study and accompany you throughout your project so that your senses bubble with pleasure ...


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Kitchen room

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Water softener

The fact of using a water softener provides many advantages. It significantly reduces the calcium concentration, which allows lengthening the lifetime of pipes, of the boiler, but also of all appliances at their endurance heater.
Also, have a soft water allows to save money every day because its properties maximize the effectiveness of cleaning products and foam products (soap, shampoo, laundry). Thus, we can reduce the amount used to achieve the same results. In terms of comfort, softened water reduces tartar on enameled surfaces and dishes, and allows for a more flexible and softer towel.
Finally, from a physical standpoint, softened water is more easily heated since the resistors are not entartées. Additionally, the softener consumes little, which allows making energy savings.


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