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Installation,  Repair, Replacement of air conditioners

Specialized in the installation of air conditioning systems, heating, air conditioning, ventilation(breakdown), renewable energies...

We assure(insure) the study, the realization of any works CVC (Air conditioning Ventilation(Breakdown) Heating), the maintenance and the AFTER-SALES SERVICE of the installations for the residential tertiary sector, the offices(desks), the businesses, the hotels, the stores, the housing environments...

We propose high-tech products Inverter, DRV, VRV, heat pump air / air and air / water, reversible air conditioner, power plant of treatment(processing) of air, aerothermic, air heating unit and group of ice water.

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The reversible heat pump: a 2-en-1 system

To what is of use a reversible air conditioner: obtain a temperature different from that outside the accommodation(housing). A heating produces only of the warmth and an air conditioner produces only of the cold. Innovative systems allow from now on these two functions(offices). It is the case of hot air pumps (CAP)((COMMON AGRICULTURAL POLICY)) reversible. The heat pump air-air, often called air conditioning air-air, can warm an accommodation(housing) but also serve as air conditioner by cooling him(it). This solution is economic because it avoids an investment in two different devices and consumes only little electricity to work.

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